Reading Period Opens Today

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Schreyer Ink Publishing is kicking off 2018 with the opening of our 6th anthology: Slave to the Axe Song Reading Period: Jan 1 - Feb 28 Publication Date: April 1 Payment: We run on a royalty split for anthologies. Payments are made every 6 months via paypal. Word Count: Our word count … Continue reading Reading Period Opens Today


Looking Forward at the End of the Year

Looking backwards teaches us many things. We're all told to learn from our experiences and mistakes. And of course, hindsight is 20/20. But, while life is best understood backwards, it can only be lived forwards. Is that too many cliches in one paragraph? Business is like life. We look back to learn from our successes … Continue reading Looking Forward at the End of the Year

Looking Back At the End of the Year

2017 was a big year for us. We took a lot of big steps as a company, some that were riskier than others. We learned a lot and made some changes for next year based on those experiences. We did a lot more shows including the Central Canada Comic Convention (C4), which we attended with … Continue reading Looking Back At the End of the Year

Debut Payday

The publishing industry is very hush-hush about money. As someone trying to break into publishing I found this very frustrating. So I have always been far more transparent, as an author and a publisher, as to the profits and costs, the pros and cons as it were, of indie writing and publishing. On June 1, … Continue reading Debut Payday

This Place is a Madhouse

Today and tomorrow we will be celebrating the release of Twilight Madhouse Volumes 2 and 3 with an online launch party. If you have never attended an online launch party before, it's easy. You need a Facebook account for this one, but that's it. No admission fees, no driving, and really, next to no time … Continue reading This Place is a Madhouse

2018 Anthologies

We have 6 anthologies scheduled for publication in 2018. Each anthology will be open to submissions for exactly 2 months. It is important that you submit your story at the correct time. We will not be stacking stories for future anthologies this year. We accept reprints, simultaneous submissions, and multiple submissions (though we generally will … Continue reading 2018 Anthologies

New Title Announcement

SCHREYER INK PUBLISHING WILL BE RELEASING KATHRYN COCKRILL'S DEBUT NOVEL IN JANUARY 2018 Oh boy, I've been waiting weeks for all the signatures to be signed and all the details finalized so I could announce this. The anthologies were a big step for us, and our first foray into dealing with authors who aren't directly … Continue reading New Title Announcement