Feel the Thunder

We’re still looking for 40 people to support our Thunderclap campaign.

Casia Schreyer - Author

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for this word from our sponsors. Well, not really, but I would like to ask you all for a bit of help.

Schreyer Ink Publishing is running a Thunderclap campaign for Open Minds, an anthology that I have a story in. We have 9 days to get 48 more supporters and I know we can do it.

18053318_10158611225740613_2134971717_o Open Minds features 6 authors, including me. The theme for this anthology was tolerance and acceptance. The stories are amazing, all of them.

We need your help to spread the word about this book. I think you should support this book because we need stories like this. We need stories that shine a light on acceptance in terms of race, religion, and gender/sexuality. We need to give these stories a platform to share their message because it’s a message that’s crucial right now as fear and mistrust…

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Can I tell you a little secret?

Writer and editor, Angil Grafton is now on WordPress! She is looking for indie books to review so go check out her page.

Angil Grafton


Okay, here goes….my dirty little secret. Are you ready? Here it is. I have no idea what I am doing. The best part about that is I get to have a tremendous amount of fun figuring out exactly what it is that I am doing…the worst part is the anxiety and fear of failing that goes hand in hand with setting out on new endeavors. I keep telling myself to breathe deep, and just let the words flow. It doesn’t matter if they are perfect, as long as they feel right. Don’t judge to harshly, don’t allow exasperation to hurry you along, when you need to take your time. That’s the downside of excitement, when you skip ahead, and hurry your steps, not fully enjoying the journey.  I want to savor every second. Life should be tasty.

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Saving the World, One Child at a Time

Our author, Casia Schreyer, is undertaking an important charitable endeavour. Read all about it here.

Casia Schreyer - Author

Yeah, okay, the title may be a little pretentious, but I’m paraphrasing a friend. Some of you may recall back in November when I released my first novel, Nothing Everything Nothing, I donated half the profits to Kids Help Phone. In a little over a month I raised $236.00 for this worthwhile cause.

For those of you who don’t know, Kids Help Phone is a crisis hotline aimed at helping children and youth across Canada. They are available 24/7, by phone and online. Kids can call with any issue – abuse, bullying, mental health questions, rape, sexual exploitation, suicidal thoughts, and more. You can find out more at kidshelpphone.ca.

Nothing Everything Nothing deals mostly with bullying and suicide but touches on sexual harassment, street harassment, eating disorders, popularity, and the importance of getting the help you need. It is my firm belief, and there are statistics out there to back…

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Exclusion and Cyberbullying

A wonderful article on exclusion and cyber bullying, and how we can counteract it by one of our published authors.

Casia Schreyer - Author

When we think of cyber bullying we often think of hateful, hurtful, or threatening text messages, embarrassing stories or pictures being shared online without permission and with the intent to harm, and spreading nastiness about people on social media. It’s more than that and it can make a teenager feel very isolated.

The internet has made it very easy to target specific contacts and contact them quickly and discretely. Everything from e-mail to private events on Facebook to group personal messages allows teenagers to form tight, private groups that easily exclude those they wish to make fun of or isolate. Instead of standing up in front of the class and saying “Party at my place” or putting a poster up in the hallway, you can now make a private event and only invite the people you want.

Now you can talk about it, right in front of people, and they…

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