Submission Guidelines

If you are looking for prices for our Publication Services you can find them here. We offer editing, layout and design, covers, and marketing services.

If you are looking for Anthologies Guidelines you can find them here. We publish four anthologies per year and accept eight stories per collection. Authors are paid on a royalty split every six months.

If you are looking for Traditional Publishing guidelines for novels, novellas, or children’s books you can find them here. We also consider collections of short fiction and middle grade. If we decide to work with you we will offer you a standard contract and pay you royalties – there is no cost to you going this route.

If you are looking for Art Submission guidelines for cover art, children’s illustrating, or graphic novel illustrating, you can find them here.


18 thoughts on “Submission Guidelines

  1. I am intending to make a submission on the New Anthology on Tolerance and Intolerance. I have read the guidelines of submission which advices that we use the form on the blog my question is do I make the submission in the comment box?


    1. David if you are interested in submitting to our open anthology please take a look at the theme and the submission instructions. If you have a novel please use the contact for more to send me a basic synopsis.


  2. To clarify to Submit to your Current
    Anthology call -Canadian Writer’s and Mythological Creatures.
    Are Short Stories eligible? And what is the min or max word count you’re asking for?
    Thanks for your time ☺


  3. On Duotrope the anthologies are listed as accepting reprints. Is that correct? I have a story that might fit Twilight Madhouse, but is previously published (2014, rights reverted to me).


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