Past Covers

This gallery includes pre-mades that have been sold and customized, custom cover requests, and covers made for in-house publications. The artist and price are indicated to give authors an idea when researching cover costs, but these covers are NOT for sale.


Pieces – designed by Andreas Ganz. Custom cover design with original photo: $125


Underground Book 1: Complex 48 – cover designed by Andreas Ganz. Original cover design with original and stock elements. $100


Open Minds – designed by Andreas Ganz, in house publication cover with original photo. $125


garbage can

Children’s picture book covers – designed by Andreas Ganz. Available individually for $100 or as part of a children’s book illustration package. Please use the contact form and the subject “Cover Art Requests” for more information on pricing.


Rose Garden Book 1: Rose in the Dark – designed by Sara Gratton – a blend of hand drawn, digital art, and original photography. $150