Author Availability

Casia Schreyer

Casia Schreyer is available Monday – Friday from 9am until 2pm or after 5pm and all day Saturday and Sunday. She has several talks and seminars that she does with different groups in different settings.

Bullying Presentations

These are specially geared towards the requested age group (K-3, 4+5, 6-8, 9-12, adults) and the available time slot. The presentation includes definitions of bullying and cyber bullying, the legal consequences of these negative actions, the emotional consequences of these negative actions, and solid, age appropriate steps students, staff, and parents can take to build a community of tolerance, acceptance, and safety. Casia appreciates the use of a projector or smart board to display content (generally power point) but can do “old school” presentations as well. Presentations also include time for a question and answer and/or a brainstorming period in which students are invited to help generate ideas on building a positive community. These presentations can be done with a single class in the classroom, with an advisory group, or with up to the entire population of the school in the gymnasium. Casia is always willing to address specific issues in her presentations if there is something the community is currently experiencing. This is ideal for schools, youth groups, and community organizations.

Creative Writing Workshops

Casia enjoys helping students discover their creative potential and offers these age specific seminars to assist teachers with their creative writing lessons. A single appearance workshop includes a presentation by Casia on her creative process. As well, she works through some creative writing prompts with the students, focusing on character, setting, and plot. She can also come multiple times, a week apart, giving the students time to work on projects. At each visit she provides tips of developing character, setting, and plot, tips on the editing process, and even a quick overview of the publishing industry. She also does one or two day weekend seminars for youth groups or adults.

Author Reading Appearances

Casia will come and read excerpts from any of her available works, answer questions on the book, her writing process, the writing industry, and themes linked with her works. She will come to schools, libraries, or community events. She has readings aimed at middle-years, high school, and adults.


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