Story Lists for Twilight Madhouse Released

The contracts for The Twilight Madhouse Volume 2 have gone out and come back. The stories for The Twilight Madhouse Volume 3 have been selected and the contracts will go out this week. We begin interior layout for both volumes in September. Patrons on Patreon will be seeing previews of Volume 2 stories in October, … Continue reading Story Lists for Twilight Madhouse Released


Twilight Madhouse Submissions Close

It's been a long wild ride, one that we at Schreyer Ink Publishing have learned a lot from. But, first thing's first. Twilight Madhouse Volume 1 - Originally scheduled for release in November, it was released August 1st with 10 stories. Twilight Madhouse Volume 2 - This will be released on November 1 as planned … Continue reading Twilight Madhouse Submissions Close

How To Review an Anthology

With Schreyer Ink Publishing releasing 4 anthologies in 2017 and 6 in 2018 we thought we'd release this helpful guide for reviewing anthologies on blogs, Amazon, and Goodreads. It is important to note that, because there are multiple authors in each anthology, the authors can safely post reviews as well, if they follow a few … Continue reading How To Review an Anthology