Late July Update From Schreyer Ink

Another month has nearly passed and it’s been busy here at Schreyer Ink. Most pressing is the release of Twilight Madhouse Volume 1 coming up on August 1. The cover has been finalized and can be viewed at the online launch event on Facebook. The e-book is ready for pre-order on Kindle and Smashwords.

We have been busy reviewing the submissions for Twilight Madhouse Volume 3. With nearly 100 submissions total we have not had the time to confirm the receipt of submissions. We are aware that on occasion the contact form has been difficult to use so if you think you’ve encountered an error please contact us with the form or with a comment to confirm your story made it through.

We will be altering how we accept submissions for our next anthology. Details will be available August 16th.

We will begin contacting authors regarding their submissions on August 16th and should be done by the end of August. There were A LOT of submissions to sift through. We will be releasing future volumes of Twilight Madhouse. Your rejection is not a comment on your talent as a writer. We can only accept so many stories. We strongly encourage you to submit again. We will be publishing 6 anthologies per year.

We have some new releases scheduled for early fall as well as our anthologies so keep popping in for updates on those.

We hope to see you on Facebook on August 1 for the Twilight Madhouse Volume 1 launch party.


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