Open Call Fiction Anthology

With the successful completion of our first open call we’re ready to jump on the next project. Our second anthology will be released November 1st.

Last time we started with a broad theme – tolerance and intolerance, and set a few genre restrictions. This time we’re starting with a title:

The Twilight Madhouse

No, we are not looking for Twilight fan fiction. We are looking for short stories that deal with the grey area between night and day, between sanity and madness, good and evil, monster and hero … you get the point. Any genre will be considered.

Submission length: 1,000-15,000 words. This is a loose guideline. Don’t self reject if you are a little longer or shorter. If in doubt, send us a note with the word count and we’ll let you know if it’s something we’d consider.

We require at least 5 stories to publish. We’d like to reach 10. If by some miracle of the internet we get tons of high quality stories we’ll publish two volumes.

Please submit using the contact form on the blog – copy and paste your story into the comment/contact box. If your story is accepted we will request a .doc file.

As stated in our submission guidelines authors will be paid a royalty split which will be paid out 6 months after the release date and on the anniversary of the release date yearly. We pay via paypal. Authors will also be sent a copy of the book in the digital format of their choice with the understanding that it is for personal use only. We request first digital, or reprint, rights. All the details will be provided in a contract sent out in September.


Authors will be notified before September 10, 2017

Authors may submit more than one story though only one will be selected per volume. We accept simultaneous submissions and reprints (so long as the rights have reverted back to you).

Any questions? Just ask!

Submissions Received: 18


30 thoughts on “Open Call Fiction Anthology

  1. I recently submitted my short story for The Twilight Madhouse anthology on your contact page, and I was wondering if you had received it (I don’t know if you send confirmation emails or not, because if you do I didn’t receive one, that’s the only reason I ask).


  2. “As stated in our submission guidelines authors will be paid a royalty split which will be paid out 6 months after the release date and on the anniversary of the release date yearly.”

    Can you give any information about how previous anthologies have sold, and what type of royalties authors have received?


  3. Please do not post stories in the comments. Please use the contact form as requested in the submission guidelines. Your story is currently public on the site but is not being read or considered by the editor.


  4. Ok, I submitted through the contact page, but it looks like it ruined the formatting. I hope I did it right, please let me know if I need to resubmit.


  5. Just out of curiosity, is there any specific kind of formatting that helps when pasting into the comment box? My submission seems to have sent as one giant block of text, which has to be a pain to read.


    1. Unfortunately no. And yeah, it’s been a little hard to read. We didn’t want to change submission guidelines halfway through a reading period though. Our submission process will be updated on August 16th to take care of the problem.


  6. I submitted a story in June, and wanted to make sure that you had received it, since I never saw a confirmation, and I had been having computer issues at the time. The title is The Woodcutter’s Tale.


      1. Thanks for letting me know – since I had been having some computer issues – emails and things not getting sent or received, I wanted to make sure it got through. Will be sharing the call on my social page.


  7. Is this one still open for submissions? I have a piece that I was planning to submit today, and have a friend working on one, but only just saw the message saying all your submissions were closed until next year. If closed, it’s probably my own fault for reading the August 31st date from another site, and not here. I’ll have to keep that in mind for next year!


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