Open Call Fiction Anthology

With the successful completion of our first open call we're ready to jump on the next project. Our second anthology will be released November¬†1st. Last time we started with a broad theme - tolerance and intolerance, and set a few genre restrictions. This time we're starting with a title: The Twilight Madhouse No, we are … Continue reading Open Call Fiction Anthology


New Anthology Title Reveal and Submission Update

The anthology on tolerance and intolerance now has a title. OPEN MINDS is set for an early summer publication. The cover will be revealed in May. Table of Contents: Guardian by Joanna Michal Hoyt We Were X Men by¬†Abdul-Qaadir Bakari-Muhammad Not So Loud by Sylvia Kelso Mixed Up by Casia Schreyer Tolerance by Andreas Ganz … Continue reading New Anthology Title Reveal and Submission Update