Casia Schreyer’s New Release and Author Appearance

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Feb 01, 2015 | official release date February 10th. Read by the author at Jake Epp Library in Steinbach on March 3rd at 7pm. Call 204-866-4770 to arrange an interview with the Casia Schreyer Visit for contact details, review copies, photos, and an author bio. Re-Imagined ~ A Collection of Poems … Continue reading Casia Schreyer’s New Release and Author Appearance


Exclusion and Cyberbullying

A wonderful article on exclusion and cyber bullying, and how we can counteract it by one of our published authors.

Casia Schreyer - Author

When we think of cyber bullying we often think of hateful, hurtful, or threatening text messages, embarrassing stories or pictures being shared online without permission and with the intent to harm, and spreading nastiness about people on social media. It’s more than that and it can make a teenager feel very isolated.

The internet has made it very easy to target specific contacts and contact them quickly and discretely. Everything from e-mail to private events on Facebook to group personal messages allows teenagers to form tight, private groups that easily exclude those they wish to make fun of or isolate. Instead of standing up in front of the class and saying “Party at my place” or putting a poster up in the hallway, you can now make a private event and only invite the people you want.

Now you can talk about it, right in front of people, and they…

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Open Call – Anthology on Race

Schreyer Ink Publishing is pleased to announce their first anthology. As a bit of back story, the idea for this anthology came from a Facebook post by the talented author, Ashlyn Forge. So I went to an article about the cop who shot Michael Brown, that he retired, and then I went to the comments … Continue reading Open Call – Anthology on Race